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How to Choose the Right Recording Studio Finding the right recording studio is not usually an easy task. There are simply so many issues to consider, and here are the most important: Logistics In some studios, the rates are fixed while in others, the charges are made on an hourly basis. If your budget is limited, a fixed rate is the better option, and you need not worry constantly about using up extra time. In any case, always plan your budget. It’s wise to split your time, one-half spent for recording and the other for mixing and mastering. This makes sure you don’t keep thinking about the hours passing by, and you can concentrate on your performance.
Learning The “Secrets” of Studios
Scheduling Process
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Scheduling will depend on many things – how much work you need to do to finish your album, how many other people are coming to record, the engineer’s experience, etc. The bigger the studio, the more difficult it usually is to get a schedule because they’re probably so busy and there are so many other clients to attend to. If you go to a home studio, you may not have to deal with these issues, but the quality may suffer as well. There are reasons professional studios are professional. Quality Considerations Speaking of quality, there is no doubt that this is the most important point that you need to consider when selecting a recording studio. Of course, you want to record at a studio that has topnotch equipment and skilled engineers. Acoustics and quality are synonymous in this scenario, and the larger studio usually have better acoustics simply because they have the cash to invest in the best. Equipment and Engineers Many studio have good engineers who have worked with them for a long, long time. Pick a studio with engineers who are experienced in the style and sound you want. If there’s certain unique equipment you need, be sure the studio has it or you could be paying more if they had to get that equipment outside. Space and Atmosphere Prior to making any plans, you need to visit the studio personally, if only to ensure that all your needs will be met. For instance, if you have to use track drums, they should have a drum room with all the acoustics you need. Don’t make the mistake of thinking acoustics don’t matter, especially if you’re very specific with the style or sound of your music. If the plan is live recording, then you want a studio with no shortage of cords, mics, and the rest. Finally, look for a studio everyone will be comfortable in. As you probably know, your performance will be affected by your comfort level, so treat it with importance. The atmosphere in the studio should empower you and inspire creativity so you can do and be your best.